Joan Plaza: “Barça could make three starter templates in any team”

Joan Square, coach of the Coosur Real Betis, considers that the level of quality and depth of Barça would allow him “to compose almost three squads and they would be starters in any team.” The Catalan coach, who this Sunday faces the Catalans in the league match, does not rule out being competitive and achieving the victory that the team needs to ensure permanence.

“Although we are very close, stranger things have happened in sport. There is nothing to celebrate at the moment. You have to keep squeezing your ass and scratching in any game. If it can be Sunday, better ”, he said. Square.

Asked about how to deal with the clash against a rival of Euroleague Final Four level, Square has been descriptive: “A former player of mine said that you have to face it by praying. You have to be as effective as possible, which means having as few losses as possible, having solid shots, not giving second chances … and then being very mentally prepared. The question is that, whatever happens, we are well to face the last days ”.

The Betic coach has also referred to the return of Pau Gasol to the Barça team and to the importance of it after his successful career. “It is the recognition of the work of many people: first it is the merit of him and his work for many years but also of coaches who helped not only Pau but also so many players who reached the NBA and passed through here, and let’s have a Final Eight of Champions with three Spaniards, or the country with the most Eurocup champions or girls’ teams playing at a high level … “

Finally, Square It has stressed the need not to take salvation for granted. “Physically we are fine, emotionally I would like to be better because when they tell us that it is done, it is the worst thing that can happen to us. I will be a ‘mijitas’ or a ‘desborío’ but until I have that victory I do not understand that nobody can throw the bells to the flight. What I want is to achieve that victory as soon as possible and then think about what we’ve been through ”, he declared.

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