JD Martínez, in doubt for the wild card game between Yankees and Red Sox

JD Martínez is a doubt for the game against the Yankees.

ANDl batter JD Martinez, of the Boston Red Sox, not so used to playing defense. After all, he’s usually the designated hitter. Maybe that’s why he got into trouble by hitting a base on his way to the outfield on Sunday.

It is not known if Martinez will be ready for Tuesday’s game against the Yankees. from New York after spraining your left ankle and abandon the 7-5 win over Washington Nationals on Sunday, at the close of the regular season.

Because the National League does not use a designated hitter in duels played in their stadiums – a rule that could change next season- Martinez was assigned as a right fielder against Washington, and it was during what must have been a routine drive to that point, glove in hand in the bottom of the fifth inning, that Martinez screwed up, so to speak.

“He stepped on the base and bent his ankle”, said Boston manager Alex Cora. “Routine work that inning defensively.”

Martinez was replaced by the Cuban pinch hitter José Iglesias at the top of the sixth episode and as part of a series of defensive changes. Hunter Renfroe went from center field to right on the bottom of that inning.

“The boys took up the challenge. That’s what we do.”Alex Cora said. “Someone falls down and someone has to come in and do the job.”.

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