Jaycee Carroll (Real Madrid): “Let’s go for the League”

Jaycee Carroll, US escort of the Real MadridLast Sunday, he reached 700 games as a Madridista and in the celebration with his teammates he did not hesitate to say that they are going “for the League.”

In the return to training, the North American received a commemorative shirt for reaching a figure that they have only achieved Kings Y Llull in the history of the basketball section.

“Honestly, when I signed for him Real Madrid I didn’t know if I was going to play a season or ten For me it is a pleasure and a great pleasure to be here all these years and reach this figure. I’m very happy, “he told the club’s media.

“I have shared the track with Kings Y Llull All these years. They have had an incredible career and they are legends. Being able to be with two players like this makes me happy. The good thing is that we have won many titles and we have had successful years and we continue with that desire and that desire to continue winning, “he added.

In his review of all these years, the player commented that “in the future I want to be remembered as a player who has given the maximum, who has fought, who has also made a mistake and who has tried to improve, but always representing the shield well. I have always tried to do my best. “

Facing the end of the season, Carroll it was clear and direct.

“We are going for the League. We have to win at least one game of the two that we are missing in the Regular League to be first, and then we are really looking forward to starting the playoff. I feel pretty good. We have done very good things. this season. We have had difficulties and playing without an audience is another challenge that we have handled well. We are eager to finish the Regular League well, “he concluded.

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