Jasikevicius: “We lost for details, we allowed them a lot of easy points”

Jasikevicius, Barça coach, entered the press room lamenting the missed opportunity and pointing out some causes of his team’s defeat in the final.

“We have lost for details, we have left many easy points for not knowing where we risk or not,” he said.

However, and unlike other occasions when his team won, he appeared with a rather positive speech. “We had a magnificent season in the Euroleague and we fell short due to our mistakes. We were close. The playoff begins on Tuesday and this series will be super-short. You have to forget about this and that means being tough, ”said the coach.

TO Saras he was asked about the situation of Calathes and, without going into details about his physical condition, he was full of praise. “Calathes is a warrior. He has no doubts that he has to do what he is to be on the track. He has not had a great night but we must not forget what he did in the semifinals. We need more guys like Calathes to give it our all. It is not a surprise that he was on track tonight, ”he said of the Greek.

Regarding the decisions made in the approach, he did not show Jasikevicius regrets. “I live this sport with maximum intensity and I have been changing,” he said. “I feel comfortable with who I am. We have discussed in the technical team what we could do better and what we could control better. We have to get positive things out of a final in which we have come back. When it is an even game many things can influence ”, he added.

Finally, he was asked Saras on the possibility of improving the squad to return to the Final Four soon. “There is always an ongoing process and debate in the club. We know the situation of the club and what we can do to improve the squad like all teams. Not everything depends on us, so there is constant work between the technical team and the offices. I am happy with that relationship at the club and we hope that we will find a way to improve the team, “he said.

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