Jalen Ramsey wants to throw away Joe Burrow’s victory cigar and give Los Angeles another title: “Lakers and Dodgers already did it…”

Jalen Ramsey wants to smoke the victory cigar if he wins the Super...

Los Angeles has won titles in Major League Baseball and the NBA. in post-pandemic sport and Rams want to be next to have a parade in southern California.

This was mentioned by Jalen Ramsey at the press conferences of the Opening Night of the NFL. “It’s an extra motivating factor. The Lakers did it, the Dodgers did it and we want to do it.”

Ramsey wants to take on Ja’Marr Chase and the rest of the Bengals offense, in one of the battles that will be key to defining the champion.

“It’s something that excites me. I always like challenges, going against the best in the league. Although it’s only been a year, he had records. He has chemistry with his QB. In these games you want to be 1 on 1, 90% of the time, but it’s never like that. I’ll enjoy the moment, I’m sure he will too. I have a lot of confidence, I’m sure he will too, it will be a great duel. I want to go against the best of the rival and help the team to win. It will depend on how the match is played. I’ll have my chances.”

Ramsey was questioned about the actions of Joe Burrow, from his outfit to his signature victory cigar that he promised to light if they win, something that does not bother the corner of the Rams, but rather motivates him to be the ones who turn them on.

“It will require everyone’s effort, especially defensively.. Defense wins championships. You have to show it. YouThey are very confident, they are young and talented, but so are we. We have many who want to light their cigars at the end of the game. We have played at a high level in the Playoffs, people who have done it for many years. We will not change the way we play.”

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