Ivanisevic bets on Djokovic’s plenary session in Grand Slams

Ivanisevic bets on Djokovic's plenary session in Grand Slams

Season of Novak Djokovic, with the conquest of Australian Open and Roland Garros, is to have absolute faith in the remainder of the season. This is how his coach, Goran Ivanisevic, considers it, who does not hesitate to reaffirm the superiority of his pupil in tennis today. “Novak knows his goals. The title at Roland Garros is going to make him even more motivated. I said long ago that Novak is the only one capable of winning the Grand Slam in the same season. Then it will happen or it will not happen, but of course if someone can handle it, that is Novak “, confessed the Croatian in an interview for the portal Tennis Majors.

To maintain your chances of getting a full Grand Slams in the same season, the Djokovic’s next stop will be Wimbledon. And Ivanisevic is aware that there is a player that neither Novak nor his team want to see for their part of the table: Roger Federer. “Roger was smart in Paris by pulling out of the Round of 16. He got what he wanted, winning three games and not putting his fitness at risk. Wimbledon is his number one goal. To be honest, we don’t want to see you in our part of the picture there. It will not be easy even if Novak is the favorite, there are obviously Nadal, Tsitsipas, Zverev and Medvedev. Big punches like Opelka, Raonic or Isner. Or Marin Cilic, who is not seeded but who has just won in Stuttgart, “explained Ivanisevic about the eight-time champion in London.

Finally, and without delving too deeply into his controversial statements last year prior to his pupil’s final against Nadal (he said that the Spaniard had no chances and then won in three sets), Ivanisevic analyzed this edition’s semifinal clash between him Serbian and Spanish, highlighting the superiority of number 1: “To begin with, he I was ready to be on the track for 20 hours if they had been necessary. In the 2020 final, Novak did not show that, he tried from the first moment to shorten the points. Instead, this time he was willing to run and run and fight whatever it took. Unlike the previous year, Novak he was better able to deal with Rafa’s super topspin backhand to his backhand, they didn’t hurt him much. He was also very focused when closing the stitches. With Rafa it happens that you attack and attack and then he goes on the counterattack and then you are in trouble. This time Novak believed in his blows even if he missed them sometimes. Rafa could not answer that, I never saw him so defenseless at Roland Garros as against Novak. It was a tennis lesson. “ We’ll see if time proves him right …

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