“It is a very hard day for Spanish sports”

"It is a very hard day for Spanish sports"

Rafael Nadal He was not able to be present in the burning chapel of Manolo Santana but he wanted to send a video to support the family and extol the figure of the tennis player:

“I want to send this message to all of Manolo’s relatives who are firing him today in Madrid. Unfortunately I cannot accompany you and you do not know how sad it makes me to be in Kuwait and not have the opportunity to accompany you on a day as sad as Today. You all know how much Manolo means to me, all the affection and deep admiration I have for him with so many things that we have been able to share during all these years. It is a very hard day for all of Spanish sport, for all the people who We knew him. Manolo was an example in many things and above all he leaves us a legacy for life. For all that and for many other things I can only say: ‘Thank you, Manolo’. And again send a message of support to the whole family. A kiss and a very strong hug to all “.

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