In Madrid no one is saved: those indicated after the Champions League

Tiredness, the change in the system and players out of position condemned Madrid to fall to the Champions League

Some defeats are harder than others, especially because of the image that the group of players gives on the field. The one this Wednesday of Madrid in London by the hand of a Chelsea that passed over him leaves many singled out, and marks a possible end of the cycle.

Few of the squad and those who were on the pitch are saved. Courtois was the team’s savior until Mount’s second goal and the only one who managed to keep his hopes afloat. Benzema He was also the only one who managed to create some danger but Mendy ruined the chances with feline stops. What is clear is that Madrid need a goal, and Benzema an ally who responds at key moments.

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Another proper name to highlight is that of Marcelo. He was the main protagonist of the previous one due to his obligations at the polling station. The press was waiting for him at school and he finally got a woman to replace him so that he could travel with the team. In the end, the whole show came to nothing because he didn’t play for a minute in London. He is not to blame for the defeat or for not having played, beyond his current performance, but he is and leaves us, at least, a curious situation.


The main name of the night. There were many hopes for him, especially to return to the stadium that saw him triumph. Nothing is further from reality. Hazard let out a golden bullet again. The fans begin to lose all confidence in him, especially after having seen him laughing with his former teammates after the elimination. He spends more time injured than on the field, and when he plays, he does not justify his role as a star. There is a clamor for Florentino to get rid of it as soon as possible, and the comparison with Bale’s commitment begins to weigh on him.


In each white defeat, the future of Zidane is in the air, but this time Tuchel clearly won the battle and did not know how to react. His first two changes were in ’63 and the team arrived fused in the final stretch of the game, with footballers out of their position who did not respond. He reached the semifinals with merit and is still alive in the fight for the league, but ending the season in a blank can be definitive.

Sergio Ramos

The lack of continuity was noticed and he was overtaken by some forwards ‘blues’ in top form. He was charged with an avoidable yellow in the first half that conditioned his defensive aggressiveness. In the midst of the debate about his renewal, many wonder if it was the last match of the Beds with the Madrid shirt in the Champions League.


He did not feel comfortable in a position that was not his and once again showed his scoring incapacity. Neither dribbling nor overflowing, which is what he does best, came to the Brazilian. Rudiger unhinged him and couldn’t react to an iron defense. Since his game against Liverpool, he has only gone down. Eight games without scoring or giving assists. He is young, yes, but the opportunities are also finite in football. Madrid have to demand something more from him.


It was Zidane’s bet ahead of Marcelo, but as Ramos was noticed the lack of rhythm and could not hold the state of form, among others, of Havertz or Azpilicueta, who had the whole band at will and it was Nacho who that he had to help him over and over again, without much success. Mendy melted and with positional doubts, melted his partner, who could not take any more before the freshness of Pulisic. It was replaced and left many doubts about its ability in the new drawing.


Very tired, it was far from his day. Lazy, late in the cut and not very executive. He failed to execute everything that he normally stands out for doing. Zidane changed him before the evidence, although somewhat too late. Kroos did not accompany him, in an also bad game of the German who suffers from the same virus as his teammates in midfield, fatigue.

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