“I’m not afraid to say it: I can win a Grand Slam this year.”

After attending as champion of the Miami Open “more interviews than after the final of a Grand Slam”, according to the vice president and head of Public Relations of the ATP, Nicola Arzani, Carlos Alcaraz chatted via Teams with six main Spanish newspapers, including ASto convey their impressions and reveal some curiosities.

What will you do now and what is left for you to improve?

Now a few days off. It has been a month and a half, coming from Davis, with a lot of demands. We are going to talk about what we have done right and wrong to be able to face Monte Carlo in the best possible way.

How have you been able to handle the physical and mental demands of such a tough tour?

Being at the foot of the canyon, at 100% during all the tournaments is complicated. I have a good physique, at least I think I do, and that helps me endure all the games. And I am lucky to have the best physios, Sergio (Hernández), Fran (Rubio) in Murcia and Juanjo (Moreno). Having them helps me recover for the following matches and tournaments.

Did you start winning the final with the surprise of Juan Carlos Ferrero’s trip?

It was an incredible surprise. I wasn’t expecting him to come at all, I was hoping to talk to him on the phone before the final. It was something incredible. With yesterday’s surprise I would say that I already won by having Juan Carlos by my side at this special moment. That’s when I won.

“With the surprise on Saturday I would say that I already won by having Juan Carlos by my side”


It is striking that being so young (18 years old) he knows how to win games when he is not at his best level…

I have learned a lot in that regard. Before I used to leave the games saying what happened? He did not have a good reading and within the party, even less. I’ve gotten pretty good at knowing what’s going on.

Taking into account your level and what you have achieved in Miami, do you see yourself winning Roland Garros?

I would tell you that I am prepared, I have confidence, physical level, mentality. Maybe not to win Roland Garros, who knows, but a Grand Slam this year. I’m not afraid to say it. There is Nadal, Djokovic, Tsitsipas, Medvedev, who are the best in the world and favorites for those tournaments, but I am not afraid to say that I am ready to win one.

Are you afraid of something?

To many things. To the dark, to many animals, although it seems not, to many things.

Did you get more nervous when you got your driving license or in this final?

In the exam of the license I was trembling. But in a Grand Slam or Masters 1,000 final there are also a lot of nerves.

Since last year, when he played on his birthday against Nadal, until now everything has changed a lot. When have you set your sights on a Grand Slam and number one?

Last year were all new experiences for me, for almost everything it was my first time and I had to live. Now I am a different person and a different player. All the experiences have helped me face a semifinal and a final of a Masters. You never know when a Grand Slam is going to come to you, I’m prepared to get a good result. And number one I hope will arrive as soon as possible, but I can’t say when.

“I hope it arrives as soon as possible, but I can’t say when.”

Number one

Do you understand the importance of winning a Masters 1,000 title at the age of 18 that very few have won and that many never win?

It means a lot. It reflects the great work of all these years with my team and my people. I am super happy to be able to live all this so soon. But you already know me. I am a boy who wants more and I am willing to go for the dirt tour, I hope to get another Masters 1,000 and a Grand Slam.

Do you plan to give yourself a treat to celebrate this title?

I have to talk about this with my father, who is the one who takes everything for me. I’ll go home and we’ll see. So far I haven’t said anything, although I have some things on my mind.

Do you think you are a different player from the rest?

I am very dynamic, in a moment I can make a spectacular blow, with enough resources, which allow me to make a different blow each time. That’s both good and bad, because sometimes you don’t know which shot to pick. But there are many players who play the same as me: aggressive, going to the net. What is certain is that there are not many players who have so many resources, who want to upload so much to the network. I would say that I am the player who makes the most drop shots, yes (he laughs).

Do you think that you are chosen, that there is a special place for you in tennis?

Special no, I will have my place in the ATP, but not special. Each one looks for his place. None is special on the circuit. Each one works to find their place, seek to be number one, number two. I work to find my site at number one.

Why is everything going so fast in his career?

For the work I’m doing. Every day I am putting a brick in my wall and that is the key. Lay your brick every day in the best possible way. That’s what Juanjo (Moreno, one of his physios) told me, who sent me a motivational video. ‘Don’t try to make the biggest wall, but put your brick every day in the best possible way’. And that’s why I’m going up so fast.

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