Historic start of the Red Sox: they are the first team in history to hit two Grand Slams in a Playoffs game

José Daniel Martínez produces a home run for the grand slam of ...

ANDl start of Game 2 of the American League Championship Series couldn’t be better for the Boston Red Sox, who did something never seen in more than a century of postseason in the majors.

In the first entry, Julio Daniel Martínez did not forgive with a full house and sent the fence to blow up to produce a grand slam at Minute Maid Park against the pitches of Luis García, who filled the house with two walks and a double from Schwarber,

García was not well and at the discharge of the second he was withdrawn from the game for medical reasons. Reliever Jake Odorizzi also came in with a lost compass and filled the house with just one out. Rafael Devers was in charge of disappearing it through right field.

With that second home run, the Red Sox became the first team in postseason history to hit two full house home runs in one game.

The story is even bigger since, according to data from Sarah Langs, only five times in history has a Grand Slams match been seen in the first and second innings.

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