Harsh criticism of McEnroe after Raducanu’s mysterious abandonment at Wimbledon

John McEnroe comments on a match during the 2021 Wimbledon tournament.

Emma Raducanu’s abandonment during her match against Ajla Tomljanovic at Wimbledon was one of the highlights of Monday’s day at Wimbledon. The young British tennis player, who put the British fans in the pocket at 18, left due to respiratory problems against Ajla Tomljanovic, possibly as a result of nerves and the pressure of playing in one of the great stages of the tournament despite his youth . The tournament organization itself confirmed early in the morning on Tuesday that the abandonment occurred due to “respiratory problems” and that, for that reason, it did not give a press conference or make statements to the tournament.

Former tennis player John McEnroe, who acts as a commentator for the tournament on the BBC, made a statement in which he questioned whether Raducanu knew how to handle this type of situation. “I feel bad for Emma, ​​of course. But she seems to have been overcome. It is understandable, and more so after what has been said in recent weeks on the subject of Osaka. ¿How many players can handle the situation? This makes us see the boys and girls who have controlled it for so long. I hope she learns from this experience. “

However McEnroe believes that the episode suffered by Raducanu is not a shame and believes that the British should learn from this situation. “I don’t think it helped him that the previous game dragged on so long, that made him think more.so it is very difficult to assume, especially when you have never been in this situation. Perhaps it is not a shame that this happened to him when he was 18 years old. I played this tournament at 18 and was happy despite losing. I understood what I had to do. “

One of the first to react to McEnroe’s words was Raducanu’s rival, the Australian Ajla Tomljanovic, that described as “very harsh” the statements of the American tennis player. “I can’t put his shoes on at 18 playing a round of 16 in your own country. It’s something I would never imagine. For McEnroe to say this is very harsh. I’ve experienced something similar but not of this magnitude. I know it is something real. I have spoken with athletes who have been through this and it is not easy. “

Social media also erupted at McEnroe for his comments about Raducanu. “I had not realized that John McEnroe has a medical degree or X-ray vision! I hope Emma Raducanu is well and has a speedy recovery. Her country is proud of her.” wrote physician Alex George. In a similar vein, the journalist Harriet Minter showed herself: “I have heard John McEnroe’s comments about Emma Raducanu. Two things: Is he drunk? Is there anything more annoying than a man telling a woman that she is not hurt, but that everything is emotional? No, there is not. For Please tell him to stop. “

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