Hamilton vs. Verstappen, a dog-face duel reminiscent of the great legends of Formula 1

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, at Silverstone

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, at Silverstone
Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, at Silverstone
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Sooner or later it was going to happen: the war between Lewis hamilton Y Max verstappen has been unleashed. The spark was the touch between the two on the first lap of the British GP at the Copse corner, but it could have been anyone else. It was seen from afar that the characters of two pilots of different generations, but crossed, were going to end up colliding.

Verstappen gets out of the car after his accident at Silverstone

Verstappen’s shocking radio in the accident and his anger with Hamilton and the British fans

The action of the accident is nothing more than the crystallization of a rivalry that was going to end up taking the peace of the Formula 1. In recent years, Hamilton has reigned in absolute comfort, turning every season into a ride. Once retired Nico Rosberg, the only one who has been able to with him in this hybrid era, and beyond some skirmish with Sebastian Vettel, the seven-time champion has become the dominator without discussion or candidate to cover him. until Red bull has made a winning car for Verstappen.

Although he was the victim in the Silverstone coup, the Dutch driver is by no means a pure soul. Many pilots have suffered from his aggressiveness, from Charles Leclerc until Carlos Sainz, through Vettel or Hamilton himself. He was optimistic when he thought that the Mercedes man was not going to throw the car there, because unlike others, he is not afraid of him.

Lewis Hamilton celebrates his British GP victory

Did Hamilton’s punishment for the Verstappen crash fall short? “A race should be suspended”

A promising young man against a proven champion. A script that we have already seen in many seasons of Formula 1, and that is also always a guarantee of entertainment, is repeated at the gates of a new regulation that predicts (in theory) that the cards will be redistributed. Like so many other times.

Emerson Fittipaldi vs. Jackie stewart

Less well known and cinematic than the later Lauda and Hunt, the rivalry they had Emerson Fittipaldi Y Jackie Stewart In the early 70s he was the example of how you can be an opponent on the track and great friends outside. Although there was everything, cordiality reigned over sports pressure. They were different times.

Niki Lauda vs. James hunt

Although exaggerated in the cinema, it is undeniable that what was experienced in 1976 between James hunt Y Niki Lauda it was one of the most intense rivalries in living memory. Two pure talents, one in Ferrari and another in Mclaren, with two very different characters (although not as much as it seems in ‘Rush’) and a critical moment: Lauda’s very serious accident at the Nürburgring. They ended up being great friends… when Hunt retired.

Lewis hamilton

Lewis Hamilton attacked with racist insults after his accident with Verstappen at Silverstone

Senna vs. Prost

The rivalry that changed the history of Formula 1. One of the first to emerge in everyone’s memory, both in motor racing and in sport in general. The Brazilian who signed for McLaren to shake the foundations of the French reign, leaving on the way fights, mutual insults (in public and in private) and a story that culminated in tragedy, at the Tamburello de Imola curve. Key moment: the accident in Suzuka.

Schumacher vs. Hakkinen

Mika Hakkinen You can always say that you were the only one who knocked down Michael Schumacher. The arrival of the ‘kaiser’ to the Scuderia led to his resurrection as the team to beat, but on the way he could not with the Finn. The McLaren Mercedes commanded by the second flying Finn managed to drive the German crazy, until in the end they managed to turn the scoreboard.

Fernando Alonso vs. Lewis hamilton

The unforgettable season 2007 he regained his squalor at McLaren. At that time the young man was Hamilton and the reigning champion was Alonso. Espionage, discussions in public and in private, contracts that were blown up, shouting meetings … Every Grand Prix in that season was a Vietnam in the Woking squad, which was taken advantage of by Kimi raikkonen to quietly win the World Cup for Ferrari.

Lewis Hamilton celebrates his victory at Silverstone

Hamilton takes a mass bath at Silverstone after sending Verstappen to hospital for a brutal accident

It remains to be seen what happens with Verstappen and Hamilton. The Dutchman is not willing to let this World Cup escape, which he still has to face, but what happened at Silverstone is much more pressing than the fight for the title would like. Both will arrive at the appointment of Hungary separated by only 8 points, with the waters very troubled not only by this incident, but by its consequences, with the racist insults that the seven-time champion has received to finish muddying the atmosphere.

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