Green light at the entrance of 1,000 fans to the Spanish Formula 1 GP on May 9

2020 Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix, in Montmeló

2020 Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix, in Montmeló
2020 Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix, in Montmeló
Miquel Rovira / Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has confirmed this Monday that the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix, which will be held next Sunday, will be attended by 1,000 fans who will watch the event from the Main Grandstand.

“The Spanish Grand Prix will finally have 1,000 fans on race day, May 9, when the state of alarm ends. Attendees will be Circuit Members, who will be able to enjoy the Grand Prix from the Main Grandstand“the circuit announced in a statement.

The general of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Josep Lluís Santamaría, highlighted “the relevance of being able to open the doors to fans and reward Subscribers for their loyalty throughout the history of the Circuit in a first-rate event such as Formula 1 “.

“We have the opportunity to be an example of safe sport and to offer a scenario with full guarantees. We are very satisfied to be able to take the first step towards the gradual opening of our facilities to the public and to be able to once again receive everyone who appreciates sport and the motor world, although this time it is a small amount, “he said.

As explained by the Circuit, these 1,000 fans will be located in the lower part of the Main Grandstand. Each location will be separated by a lateral space (right and left) and by a front space (front and back) to ensure social safety distance. They must wear the mask at all times, it is not allowed to smoke and it is not allowed to consume drinks or food in the grandstand.

For its part, Formula 1 celebrated the decision and highlighted the support of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and the importance of being able to recover the presence of fans in the Spanish Grand Prix.

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