Granda will play the RS: X final without medal options; Machón says goodbye

Tokyo, Jul 29 (EFE) .- The Gran Canaria Ángel Granda has qualified to compete next Saturday in the ‘Medal Race’ (final race for medals) of the RS: X of Tokyo 2020, although he will do so without options to get on the podium, while the Sevillian Blanca Manchón was in eleventh place and says goodbye to her second Games after she was eighth in Athens 2004.

Granda, a debutant in some Games, made an eighteen on this day, his worst result of the series and which he discarded; a seven and an eight, which places him in tenth position with 108 points.

The Spanish windsurfer is far from the first classified, the Dutch Kiran Badloe, with 33 points after being discarded; the Frenchman Thomas Goyard (52) and the Italian Mattia Camboni (54).

Badloe reaches the Medal Race, in which the score is double and cannot be discarded, with a guaranteed medal although the gold is not yet certain, while Goyard and Camboni will have to fight to secure the podium.

Manchón, for his part, concluded his participation in the women’s RS: X this Thursday after competing in the last three regattas of the previous series of twelve, and was one place in the ‘Medal Race’.

In the waters of Enoshima, the 34-year-old Spanish sailor who competed with a foot injury that had her two months ago on crutches, added 124 points and was unable to unseat Brazilian Patricia Freitas (117) from tenth place.

After these first twelve regattas, the medals for the first three classified are already assured, although in the Medal Race they will have to fight each other for the positions on the podium.

The first classified is the Chinese Yunxiu Lu, with 30 points; the second the British Emma Wilson (34) and the third the French Charline Picon (36).

In the women’s 470, Silvia Mas and Patricia Cantero finished their second day of competition with a 3 and a 6, which rose to seventh place overall after the first four rounds (11, 13, 3, 6) of the previous ten scheduled in this class.

They lead the classification, the Polish Agnieszka Skrzypulec and Jolanta Ogar (1, 1, 2, 5), followed by the British Hannah Mills Eilidh McIntyre (4, 3, 7, 1) and the French Camille Lecointre Aloise Retornaz (3, 2 , 4, 7).

Joel Rodríguez, in Laser Standard, made a 9 and a 10 that place him fifteenth overall with eight races contested and two to complete the series prior to the Medal Race.

The first classified is the Australian Matt Wearn, with 29 points after the discard, followed by the Cypriot Pavlos Kontides (44) and the Norwegian Hermann Tomasgaard (49), followed as fourth by the Brazilian Robert Scheidt (53) after doing this Thursday an 8 and a 12.

In Nacra 17, Tara Pacheco and Florián Trittel are sixth after the first two days of their competition and after playing six tests of the previous twelve scheduled, with a 6 and a 3 on this Thursday.

The Italians Ruggero Tita and Caterina Banti dominate this class, with 8 points after being discarded; and they are followed in the classification by the British John Gimson and Anna Burnet (11) and the Germans Paul Kohlhoff and Alica Stuhlemmer (19).

Behind them is the Argentine mixed boat, with Santiago Lange and Cecelia Carranza, the current Olympic champions, who this Thursday made a 4 and a 6 and add 23 points.

The 49er, who had this as a day of rest after the first two days of competition, took advantage of it to compete in the two regattas of the three that remained pending at the start of the tournament.

Diego Botín and Iago López-Marra made a fifth place in the first race and a twelfth in the second, a result that is the one they have discarded for now, which means that they occupy second place in the general classification with 18 points.

Ahead of them are the British Dylan Fletcher and Stuart Bithell, tied at 18 points with the Spanish, and behind these two boats are the Danes Jonas Warrer and Jakob Precht Jensen with 20.

In Laser Radial, Cristina Pujol is still very low in the table after the first eight rounds and with two to go before the previous series concludes.

The Barcelonan is twenty-fifth in a general led by the Danish Anne-Marie Rindom with 25 points after discarding, followed by the Finnish Tuula Tenkanen (46) and the Swedish Josefin Olsson (47).

Joan Cardona made a second and a third on this day and, after six rounds and with four of the previous series in the Finn class, he is second in the standings with fourteen points after being discarded.

The British Giles Scott leads the tournament with thirteen points, while the Hungarian Zsombor Berecz (21) is third, the Dutch Nicholas Heiner (23) and fifth the Argentine Facundo Olezza with the same points.

In 470 men the second day of competition was completed and Jordi Xammar and Nicolás Rodríguez made a tenth and a sixth place in the two races disputed, thus completing the first four of the ten planned.

The Barcelona helmsman and the Vigo crew member add seventeen points after being discarded, while the first classified, Australians Mathew Belcher and Will Ryan, accumulate four.

Second are the British Luke Patience and Chris Grube (9) and third are Anton Dahlberg and Fredrik Bergstrom (14).

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