Garbajosa: “That the national team is vaccinated is very good news”

The president of the Spanish Basketball Federation, Jorge Garbajosa, assured that it is “Very good news” that the soccer team will be vaccinated before their participation in the Eurocup and after the appearance of at least one case of COVID-19.

“It is necessary, we are talking about male and female players, I am talking about basketball and also about soccer., that apart from their commitment to the selection they have an obligation according to the Sports Law to attend the call of the selection. They are going to represent their country, they move many millions of people who are excited and we are talking about 40 vaccines “he said in statements to the media.

Garbajosa He said that “because of the effort they make to represent their country and all that they hope at this time that people need it more than ever, it is absolutely logical and normal that athletes who are going to participate in any discipline in international competitions have the health guarantee offered by the vaccine ”.

The president of the FEB made these statements in an act prior to the Eurobasket
female 2021 that will be disputed in Valencia and in which the national team players will participate with a first dose that was inoculated as part of the vaccination program for athletes who will be in the Olympic Games.

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