Freddie Freeman, Eddie Rosario and Jorge Soler, the World Series champions who are already free agents in MLB

JOrge Soler, the Most Valuable Player of the World Series, as well as his teammates in the Atlanta Braves, Freddie Freeman and Eddie Rosario are among the 160 players who became free agents since Wednesday.

So it begins a recess between campaigns in which uncertainty will reign, with the threat of a lockout on the horizon.

Houston Astros slugger Carlos Correa and pitcher Justin Verlander, who is recovering from Tommy John surgery, also declared free agents.

Other stars hitting the market include Corey Seager, Trevor Story, Max Scherzer, Marcus Semien, Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Michael Conforto, and Kevin Gausman.

Approximately another 50 players are potentially eligible, depending on the decision made regarding the option to renew their contracts in 2022.

Free agents can negotiate their contracts with any team starting Sunday night.

The catcher Tucker Barnhart, whose contract includes a $ 7.5 million team option, was traded from Cincinnati to Detroit on Wednesday by infielder Nick Quintana. The team’s decision on the option on Barnhart’s contract is pending.

The market is expected to be slow at the beginning, with the expectation of what may happen in the majors and without the certainty of what the economic structure will be next year. The collective bargaining agreement between Major League Baseball and the players union expires on December 1, and a lockout is possible.

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