Fisac ​​says it will change parts of its coaching staff “due to the leaks”

The coach of the Herbalife Gran Canaria, Porfi Fisac, has advanced this Friday that there will be changes in the squad for the next course, but also in the coaching staff to make it “more tight”.

The coach took stock of the season this Friday at a press conference, where he explained that the year has been “very difficult” for him, because “he has not been comfortable for many periods and has felt only at certain times”.

In this sense, he explained that “the club I was expecting has not been found” upon arriving in Gran Canaria, although he has considered that the team has “incredible possibilities” and, therefore, everyone needs to “take a leap in quality in in terms of work culture ”and“ be more competitive ”for next year.

Fisac He assured that “he liked being able to vary the sports dynamics” during the season but also that, on a personal level, “he likes to be more hermetic and closed” in terms of the internal work of the team. In addition, he understands that both the coaching staff and the players are “in a situation in which they are too comfortable.”

“The year has been very hard and I do not like having had that feeling of leaks many times false and not correct,” he stressed to add that he is “delighted” on the island and that “the thing that has hurt him the most” is that “He has been accused of wanting to collect the entire contract, when no one at the club had told him they wanted to cut him off”,

Regarding these leaks, Fisac has referred to a moment of the season in which They will be he was “separated” from training with the rest of the team and explained that this information was known through “a leak from his coaching staff.”

“It seemed like I had fired him and it’s not true. He is a great player and a good professional and in that first part I lacked effort and work from him ”, he said to add that, after that situation, the Madrid native“ has been the best They will be in recent years ”and“ he is a better player than last year ”.

In that sense, with regard to the coaching staff, the coach has anticipated that there will be changes for next season. In addition, the club will try to keep those who have a contract and intend to renew some players, such as Shurna.

In addition, Fisac He has explained that he wants both Matt costello like Jacob wiley.

“I will continue working so that this club is a better club every day,” he stressed. Fisac, who has also advanced that both he and his players “want to compete at the highest level in Europe.”

In his opinion, “the good thing is that they have been in a position where they can choose” between both competitions, the Champions and the Eurocup. Regarding his preference for one or another competition, he said that “it is difficult” because “playing Eurocup is prestigious for everyone and gives future possibilities in terms of entering a competition like the Euroleague.”

On the other hand, “playing Champions gives you the objective of being able to achieve it”, so “you have to put both things on a balance”, he pointed out to add that “they can not stop fighting for the Copa del Rey or playoff either”

Porfi Fisac has assured that this season that has just concluded is “one of the ones he is most proud of” given that “he has made tough and difficult decisions” with a “single objective” which is that “everyone should be better and more competitive players.

In short, the coach has considered that the Herbalife Gran Canaria He has had “a remarkable year”, although “not outstanding” because that would imply having done everything well.

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