Fernando Tatis slams the Dodgers

Fernando Tatis kills Kershaw.

Ssurely Clayton Kershaw will dream tonight of Fernando Tatis Jr., who this Friday hit him a couple of homers that contributed to the victory of the Padres de Sa Diego 6-1 against the Dodgers of the Angels.

Max Muncy put the major league champions ahead in the bottom of the first inning with a single that landed Mookie Betts, However, that’s where the offense ended and that is that Yu Darvish shone on the mound with a seven-inning job, where he only allowed four hits and handed over three walks.

The reaction of the Friars was immediate with a whole back stick from Wil Myers that stumped the star starter of the 9th Angelina, at the start of your nightmare.

Already for the third roll ‘El Niño’ Tatis appeared with a home run that put the border players ahead against a Dave Roberts team that showed no reaction in the second of the series.

The game remained like this for a very short time and it is that again it was Fernando Tatis who blew the wall against Kershaw and achieved his second home run which increased public annoyance at Dodger Stadium.

It seemed that the game would not experience more emotions but In the ninth inning, the Padres were inspired again and added three more runs, the last one towed by Tatis himself.

The Padres have taken the first two games of a series to four games, where the Dodgers must wake up not to lose the top of the National League.

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