Fernando Alonso, to continue to shine at the British GP after his memorable sprint performance

Fernando Alonso, at the British GP

Fernando Alonso, at the British GP
Fernando Alonso, at the British GP
XPB / James Moy Photography Ltd.

The first Formula 1 Grand Prix under the new qualifying format the sprint puts its finishing touch with the race of the British GP, this without any novelty: 57 laps already for all.

Fernando Alonso and Lando Norris, in the Silverstone sprint

The ‘onboard’ of Fernando Alonso’s spectacular start in the Silverstone sprint classification: from 11th to 5th

Max verstappen starts from pole, ahead of the local hero, Lewis hamilton, which will try to break the winless streak: he has not climbed to the top for six consecutive races. Valtteri Bottas, as long as he does not provoke faces of shame in his team and can hold those behind, enough.

From the 7th position the hero comes out of the classification to the sprint: Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard left a memorable performance with a departure that makes time, but he will try to finish the job in the real race. Anything to finish in the top 10 is a success. Carlos Sainz, affected by a touch with George Russell, will try to reach the ‘top 5’, something much more complicated to achieve than to say since comes out 10th.

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