Fernando Alonso classifies 11th in the first classification without ‘pole’ in the history of Formula 1

Fernando Alonso, at the British GP

Fernando Alonso, at the British GP
Fernando Alonso, at the British GP
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The new format that is experiencing the Formula 1 in the British GP (and that will be repeated in Italy and probably Brazil) has caused a somewhat surreal situation: Lewis hamilton He was the fastest in qualifying, but he didn’t get pole.

Fernando Alonso, at the Austrian GP

This is the revolutionary sprint qualification, the latest experiment to attract young people to F1

The explanation is worthy of tongue twisters: what happened this Friday at Silverstone was not a typical classification, but a classification for the sprint qualifying race that takes place this Saturday. Until David coulthard, a former driver involved in interviewing duties, was wrong to congratulate the fastest man this Friday (and, for real purposes, the weekend, because no one will give a faster lap in what remains) by saying that he had achieved pole .

Officially, the man on pole will be the winner of the half-hour race to be held this Saturday. Hamilton will go out first, but will have to hold a Max verstappen who was just over 7 hundredths of beating him again, and a Valtteri Bottas Without whose teamwork (he gave him a slipstream on his first attempt) he could not have been the fastest.

The news of the day in a crowded Silverstone, with the public without a mask or anything that would remind us of the pandemic that is re-sprouting in the United Kingdom was the 8th position of George Russell. The more than likely substitute for Bottas In Mercedes he will start this Saturday 8th, which gives him two opportunities to do what he usually does in the race: disappoint. It is in a sweet moment, but it does not finish the task.

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Whatever happens this Saturday, you cannot forget that the great opportunity to score is Sunday, as it is highly unlikely that you will finish in the top three in that sprint qualifying race.

After Russell will come out Carlos Sainz, whose objective is to look into the ‘top 5’ to have a good starting position for Sunday. Two positions behind will be a Fernando Alonso who was left out of Q3 for a sigh: only 25 thousandths They separated him from being in the last batch of the strange Friday. Still, as he himself said, there is a long weekend ahead.

The pole of the 2021 British GP will be decided this Saturday at 5:30 p.m., in a race of 17 laps (half an hour), in which the first three will score points but will not have a podium (although they will celebrate). At the moment the experiment It is going well for Mercedes, who did not smell a first place since the Spanish GP in May.

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