Fernando Alonso admits what the numbers already warn: Esteban Ocon portrays his return to Formula 1

Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon, in the background

Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon, in the background
Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon, in the background
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Disputed the first four races of the 2021 season there are already trends that can be seen on who is the first driver of each team.

What Lewis hamilton I was going to surpass Valtteri Bottas it was more than clear, the same as Max verstappen Y Sergio perez. The adaptation of Carlos Sainz to Ferrari has for the moment placed in front of Charles Leclerc, although the Madrilenian is not out of tune. What was least expected is that Esteban Ocon with this solvency will surpass Fernando Alonso.

French has surpassed Spanish in three of the four classifications and in three of the four races. Only in Bahrain, the first race of the year, did the Asturian come out ahead, although he could not finish the test due to that now famous sandwich wrap. In addition, Ocon has scored points in the last three races and now has 10 points in your locker by 5 from Alonso.

Fernando Alonso, at the Spanish GP

Alpine takes action in the matter before the difficulties that Fernando Alonso is having in his return to Formula 1

The adaptation of the Asturian is being much more complicated than I expected. Lack of understanding with tires has become an achilles heel for him, and you can’t get over it until a few Grands Prix have passed. Alpine He has promised to retouch Alonso’s car to alleviate part of these difficulties and help him in his evolution, but while Ocon will continue to add.

Many saw the Frenchman as a perfect victim, a Stoffel vandoorne anyone: young, talented, with the band of a great star of the future but accessible for a ‘wolf’ like Alonso. Big mistake.

Ocon has the full support of Mercedes, who has tutored his career for a long time, and the Toto wolff, head of the champion squad, is your representative. It is not by chance that Alpine is betting on him as future champion, with the permission of an Alonso who is already close to 40 years old and who is facing the final stretch of his sports career.

Fernando Alonso, during a tire change

Fernando Alonso’s Achilles heel on his return to Formula 1 is exposed at the Spanish GP

Alonso naturally assumes that right now even giving his maximum is enough to beat his 24-year-old teammate. “He is in very good shape and fully integrated into the team. He was on the podium last year in Bahrain, in the last part of the championship and now he is doing perfect weekends. It is impressive what he is achieving. I’m giving my 100%, and obviously that’s not enough to be at his level at the moment, so I need to keep improving, “said the Spaniard a few days ago about his partner.

Alonso’s self-criticism has been taken as something very positive within Alpine, aware that the greatest incentive for the Asturian is himself at this time. “He knows that he is still Fernando Alonso and that has not become a slow rider overnight. You know, you know you can do it. He assumes that he needs to be better when it comes to extracting performance from the car and a part corresponds to him, but also to the team, its engineers and the confidence that they transmit to him, “he said. Marcin Budkowski, executive director of Alpine F1, in Barcelona.

“Fernando Alonso has not become a slow rider from one day to the next”

Logic dictates that sooner or later Alonso will make things difficult for Ocon, although for now he remains the reference in Alpine. Meanwhile, the same question will continue to hover in whispers in the paddock: Has Alonso been wrong on his return to Formula 1? Has the same thing happened to you Michael Schumacher, whose return to Mercedes It was far from up to its glory years in Ferrari?

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