“Feliciano suffered some dizziness and Carreño made a great effort”


Spain began the defense of the Salad with a 3-0 over Ecuador. But Pablo Carreño gave up a set against Emilio Gómez and the Asturian along with Marcel Granollers another against Gonzalo Escobar and Diego Hidalgo that could complicate the classification for the quarterfinals.


Change of doubles. “The doubles were open to see how the matches were going. With an easy result Feliciano was going to come out, but he suffered dizziness and was not there to play. Pablo was tired, but I opted for him because Pedro Martínez had only trained in the morning. Carreño He has made a great effort. It is very important to win 3-0 because a victory against Russia could allow us to be one of the best seconds. “


“I’m very tired, but it was very important to win all three games today. I tried to do my best. At first I suffered because he played at a good level and I was nervous. In the doubles we started incredible, on serve and on the rest, but we had to suffer “.

“At first I was nervous and stiff-legged, but Gomez started well. I had to fight to the end. He has a great level even though his ranking is not among the best.”

“We are having very bad luck this week with the casualties and Feliciano was very tired after his match.”


Nerves. “It was very important for me to give the first point to my team. Even though I have been playing Davis Cup for many years, many games, I was a little nervous at the beginning, but afterwards I think I played quite well in general.”

Low. “This week was a challenge for us with Roberto’s injury, with the bad news that Carlos was infected with COVID, but we went through a lot over the years, and we always had something left, and I think this one goes to be the case again. We have to show everyone that we are capable of surviving, of going through difficult times. “

Age. “I didn’t expect to play singles, but I didn’t expect to represent my country, Spain, at 40 years old either. I know how difficult it is to be part of this team because we’ve had a lot of great players for 20 years.”

Russia. “Against Russia on Sunday we all know that it will be very difficult to beat, because they are probably the best Davis Cup team at the moment, but we will do our best again and see what happens.”


“It was very important to win 3-0 and it cost a lot, but it is very positive to finish like this. Against Russia it will be very hard and we will have to try as many points as possible to pass as first or second.”

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