F1 commentator suspended for his macho words towards Serena Williams during the Monaco GP

Serena Williams, at the Monaco GP

Serena Williams, at the Monaco GP
Serena Williams, at the Monaco GP
AFP7 via Europa Press

The return of the public to the Formula 1 It is also allowing, little by little, that of the ‘VIP’ guests. At the Monaco Grand Prix there were several actors, such as Tom holland, footballers like Kylian Mbappé or Erling haaland or the tennis player Serena Williams, which also had a leading role: she was in charge of giving the checkered flag to the winner, Max Verstappen.

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The presence of the former world tennis number 1 provoked many comments, one of them quite unfortunate and macho. It was heard on Belgian television RBTF, where the pilot Marc duez plays a role similar to that in Spain Pedro de la Rosa, although in his case he has never reached Formula 1.

At one point, when Williams appeared on screen and they reported their work at the end of the race, Duez laughed, “Serena Williams it’s going to shake something different than it usually shakes “, with an obvious double meaning. Far from trying to silence this comment, he also had equally degrading words towards some companions of the 23-time Grand Slams winner: “Williams’s friend next to him is ugly.”

Duez, who was a circuit and rally driver in the 80s and especially the 90s, was called to order later. The RBTF has temporarily suspended you (at the moment) and has initiated an investigation to determine if they permanently fire him, as many viewers have requested. He, for his part, has apologized: “I want to apologize to the people who may have been affected by my statements. I didn’t mean to shock anyone at all “.

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