Euroleague clubs approve the first European collective agreement

The first meeting of the ECA board of directors, the member clubs of the Euroleague, without Jordi Bertomeu was resolved this morning in Barcelona with the make a pioneering decision at the continental level.

The players of the competition will enjoy, for the next three years, the beneficial conditions of the first agreement for a collective agreement at European level.

The decision establishes a minimum standards for all clubs of the competition and will give more guarantees to both parties in the employment relationship within the Euroleague.

The representatives of the member teams of the competition also made decisions about other points on the agenda. According to the ECA statement, the economic distribution criteria were approved for the 2021-2022 season with a clear objective of reducing income uncertainty.

It was also decided to grant Berlin and the city’s Mercedes-Benz Arena the rights to host the 2022 Final Four.. The permanent representatives welcomed the new members with confirmed license, ASVEL Villeurbanne and FC Bayern Munich.

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