Eriksen’s first words after being revived

“I’m only 29 years old”, were the first words of the Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen after regaining consciousness, according to the German Jens kleinefeld, one of the doctors who treated him. Kleinefeld, in statements to German media, said that after Eriksen’s collapse, a defibrillator was used after a few minutes of cardiac massage and that electric shocks were applied.

“About 30 seconds later the player opened his eyes and I was able to speak to him. It was a moving moment because in those situations the chances of success are slim. I asked him in English:”Are you here again? “Kleinefeld detailed.” Yes, here I am … shit, I’m only 29 years old. “Eriksen replied.

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Kleinefeld was in Copenhagen on the rostrum as an expert doping doctor and had undergone special training to join the emergency medical team. At first, when Eriksen collapsed, Kleinefeld didn’t think he had to intervene.

“Then I saw the Danish doctors agitated, I signaled the emergency team to enter the field and left the rostrum. I have training as an emergency doctor and I know how to react in these situations, “he explained.

Kleinefeld said that after the resuscitation measures, he was 99 percent convinced that Eriksen would arrive at the hospital stable. “In professional athletes who are permanently examined it is usually a kind of short circuit. The electric shock gives the impulse to resume the activity of the heart. With such a patient, unlike what happens with patients with previous pathologies, the danger of the heart stopping again is minimal“, he pointed.

Kleinefeld believes that the intervention of the emergency team was key since the doctors of the teams, such as the doctor of the Danish federation, usually deal with sports injuries and have no experience in such cases nor are they experts in heart problems. “At the beginning the Danish doctor had difficulty fully understanding the situation. When resuscitation is required it should be started as soon as possible“he declared.

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