Eight years since Fernando Alonso’s last victory in Formula 1: that unforgettable departure from the Spanish GP

Fernando Alonso celebrates his victory in the 2013 Spanish GP

Fernando Alonso celebrates his victory in the 2013 Spanish GP
Alonso celebrates his victory in the 2013 Spanish GP

Fernando Alonso He currently has 32 Formula 1 Grand Prix victories on his record. Among the historical ones, several can be counted, such as the first in the 2003 Hungarian GP, that of San Marino 2005 or the one that is commemorated this May 12, that of Spain 2013, What is it the last that he has achieved to this day.

Fernando Alonso, at the Spanish GP

Alpine takes action in the matter before the difficulties that Fernando Alonso is having in his return to Formula 1

Eight years have passed since Alonso’s last soak in champagne as the winner of an F1 race (not in other categories), a race that took hold from the first meters, one of the Spanish driver’s specialties. Came out fifth and before reaching the finish line of the first lap he had already placed third. To remember: that overtaking outside yet Lewis hamilton that, by then, he was not yet the emperor. Madness broke out in the stands.

That weekend Montmeló was packed, like in good times. The fans turned to the Asturian, despite the fact that they had already experienced the disappointments of 2010 and 2012, when he touched the title that ended up falling into the hands of Sebastian Vettel, and that momentum gave him wings.

Flag in hand (It almost cost him a sanction for introducing a “strange element” in the car), Alonso took the last lap of formation waving the Spanish flag, proud of the success achieved and still confident that there could be great things that year. The future of the season did not accompany him, Vettel won the title again and he was left behind in the list of candidates for victories, but later he would remember that 2013 as one of his best years.

Alonso was on the podium in Montmeló, accompanied by Kimi raikkonen (at that time in Lotus, preceding the current Alpine) and by Felipe Massa, at that time partner of the Asturian in the Scuderia. Artur Mas, which at that time was the President of the Generalitat and, therefore, one of the greatest authorities present on the route was in charge of giving him the trophy.

It was a season in which Ferrari entered its most tragicomic phase, with terrible evolutions, wrong decisions on the wall and problems of all kinds. In fact, since this victory he did not win again that year or the next: We would have to wait for Malaysia 2015, with Alonso already out of the team.

The Ferrari f138, the name of the car of that year, was notably surpassed by the Red Bull RB9 from Vettel, who from that moment did not get off the podium except in the abandonment of the British GP, with an epic finish of nine consecutive victories to top off the championship.

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