Eduardo Escobar reaches an agreement with the Mets for two years

Lyou Mets reached a two-year agreement with Eduardo Escobar, who was a free agent from the Brewers, who will make about $ 20 million.

According to ESPN reports, the Mets had the two-year deal after playing 18 games with Milwaukee last season, plus 28 home runs. The youth of the Venezuelan and his versatility to play in different bases could help the Mets return to the playoffs.

Escobar’s option is that can get to stay with second base if the team fails to keep Javy Baez. Escobar has looked more like a right-hander than a left-hander. He has hit a career-high 30 points from the right side of the batter’s box.

Throughout his major league career, Escobar has 1,001 hits and 138 home runs in 3,908 appearances for an average of .256.

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