Doncic saves the Mavs in a heart attack finish and they get to a semis win

The Dallas mavericks they were about to throw away all the work done during the night and give away a match that they had won before Los Angeles Clippers. Luka Doncic led the Texans in a match that ended 105 to 100 and leaves his own to a victory to eliminate his rival.

The Slovenian, one more night leader of the Mavs, he went up to 42 points, 8 rebounds and 14 assists. Doncic He made it clear from the first moment that he was not going to fool around and at halftime he had already added more than 20 points.

However, last night it was difficult for him to find the help of his colleagues and he had to pull the car more than necessary. Beyond Tim hardaway, with 20 goals, the rest of the headlines failed to exceed ten, with special mention for a Porzingis that barely shot six times to the basket.

But that to Luka he didn’t care. The Slovenian played and made his team play and seemed to have the match under control at all times. He ended the night with a +15 on trackSurprising data especially if we take into account that he had to eat the final part of the Angelenos against.

The Clippers, who stretched their headline rotation as much as possible, never threw in the towel and, despite a horrendous third quarter, they kept fighting to close the gap. They achieved it and in the absence of a few minutes they reduced the difference to just one point after a partial of 10-0 in favor.

The ghosts of the past appeared before some Mavs who did not believe what was happening. Kristaps Porzingis he nailed a triple from the corner, possibly his only important basket of the night, and gave some air to his team but the danger had not passed.

Opposite, a Kawhi leonard and a Paul george that, far from their best night, they reached the last minutes inspired. Kawhi would finish with 20 points but a poor shot selection, while PG was the leading scorer of his team with 23 points that accompanied 10 rebounds to add a double-double.

In the absence of 20 seconds the Mavericks they lost a vital ball that could cost them the game. The Clippers went against it in the race and PG gave it to Mann, which ran down the side. The young player looked for penetration but crashed before the Dallas defense, leaving the brown to Batum. The Frenchman failed in the basket and that’s where the Angelenos’ options were over.

Now the series returns to Dallas, court where the Clippers they have achieved their only series victories so far. The Mavericks They will seek to close the tie with a victory that allows them to go to the semifinals and hit the table.

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