Djokovic stirred: “I’m not the bad guy and I’m not chasing anyone”

Djokovic stirred: "I

Novak Djokovic addressed the media at a press conference that began with a somewhat aggressive question that had nothing to do with his victory. in the Wimbledon quarterfinals, not with his next game, not even with the tournament itself. And the Serbian did not sit well.

A journalist wanted to know what it was like for Djokovic to have been some kind of bad guy chasing Federer and Nadal all these years. The world’s number one answered firmly: “I don’t consider myself a bad guy, that’s your opinion. I’m not chasing anyone. I’m making my own way and my own journey, my own story. I have the privilege of being part of the history of this sport that I love. Like I said on the track, I know a lot of statistics, not all. But they do motivate me even more to play my best tennis in the events that count the most in our sport. “

Nole clarified that he had no physical problems during the game, despite the fact that some moments during the game he flexed his shoulders a bit: “I don’t have any physical discomfort or discomfort. I feel great. A couple of times I slipped and anything is possible on the court in relation to getting hurt. Fortunately it didn’t happen to me to the point that it was an obstacle to my game and my performance. “Finally, the Balkan complained about the wind: “The conditions were very windy, some of the windiest days I’ve had here at Wimbledon. But you have to adapt and it’s the same for both players. “

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