Djokovic knocks down a combative Garín to get into the quarterfinals

The best performance of Cristián Garin at Wimbledon had a final chapter to match. The Chilean could not against Novak Djokovic, number one in the world, but he said goodbye standing up. A 6-2, 6-4, 6-2 loss, which is heavier on the scoreboard than it is in the game.

Garín showed that he can fight to enter the Top Ten if he sets his mind to it. There must be the next fight. This week he became the fifth Chilean in history to reach the fourth round at the cathedral, and the first since Marcelo Ríos to do so in a row at Roland Garros and Wimbledon. The debt in the big tournaments is getting smaller and smaller.

What is still missing is to reach the level of a player like Djokovic. The Serbian is not unbeatable, but he gives few options. Especially when it progresses to the week. Today the Chilean entered without rhythm, nervous, and paid dearly. A break of service in the first game put the board against from the salute.

The first set went fast, and only in the second Garin showed his resources: he improved with the first serve (he won 68 percent of the points), and it endured better the exchanges of the Serbian. The difference was in a game. Nole saved the two break points he faced. Gago five of six and was 0-2 on the scoreboard.

The third was more like the first than the second. If beating Djokovic is complex, doing it with a two-set deficit is almost impossible. That scenario hit Garin at the start, who was down again from the first game. Then he didn’t lower his arms, but he couldn’t reverse his luck either.

The Chilean leaves Wimbledon with renewed confidence. Before the contest his record was 0-3 and these days he celebrated three wins in a row. His ranking will also show an improvement: as of next Monday he will appear in position 17.

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