Dimitrijevic: “Van Rossom can help me a lot”

The base of Valencia Basket Nenad
Dimitrijevic He was very excited about playing his first season at the Valencian club, and said that he believes he can learn a lot from the Valencian team’s director of the game, Sam Go
Rossom, as well as the Icelandic Martin Hermannsson, with whom he will also share a position.

“They are two great players, of a great level, they have shown it for many years. Sam is one of those players who can help me a lot on a psychological level too, how to keep pace with the game and with his experience help me. I really want to meet him and compete together, “said the Macedonian player in statements provided by the club.

“Likewise, with Martin, who is a great player, who has done great things in Euroleague. We can combine very well because the three of us are different ”, he added.

In addition, he was delighted to meet again with the Slovenian Klemen
Prepelic, with whom he shared a wardrobe in the Joventut of Badalona.

“I have a very good relationship with Klemen, both on and off the track. The year we spent together in Joventut it helped me a lot. He is a player who has been at a high level for many years. Very happy to be able to play with him ”, he pointed out.

The player of Macedonia
from North He explained that after a few days of rest he has already resumed work with the idea of ​​arriving in the best possible shape for the preseason.

“The postseason is going well. I rested the first week and then I started training. I have my physical trainer here and on the track I try to improve some things, “he said.

“I am going to dedicate the summer to improving many things in basketball and trying to reach 100% physically to face the preseason to the fullest. I also know that it has been a long season and I need to take a break. Although, I’m doing a combination, everything to get to the preseason perfect, “he added.

Dimitrijevic He said he was “very eager” to start this new stage after having left the Joventut. “I am very excited to start now and get to know the city, the people, the club, my new teammates and coaches. After nine years in a club, a change always comes in handy ”, he pointed out.

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