Did Hamilton’s punishment for the Verstappen crash fall short? “A race should be suspended”

Lewis Hamilton celebrates his British GP victory

Lewis Hamilton celebrates his British GP victory
Lewis Hamilton celebrates his British GP victory
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Lewis hamilton has cut to only 8 points the difference it had with Max verstappen before starting the British GP, thanks to his victory but especially to the Dutchman’s accident.

Verstappen crash

Brutal accident of Max Verstappen after an epic fight with Lewis Hamilton at the start of the British GP

That accident was caused by the British, without a hint of a doubt. Although after the race he assured that he had left enough space and that he had put the car half way to have a good line, the FIA ​​explained in the penalty document that it was not.

“Car 44 (Hamilton’s) was on a line that did not reach the peak of the curve, with space available inside. When car 33 (Verstappen’s) turned around the corner, car 44 did not avoid contact and the front left part touched the rear right of the 33. Thus, the car 44 is considered as predominantly guilty “, they argue about the accident and the subsequent sanction to Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton celebrates his victory at Silverstone

Hamilton takes a mass bath at Silverstone after sending Verstappen to hospital for a brutal accident

The punishment imposed by the FIA ​​was 10 seconds, but in Red bull they consider that it was too little, since it also did not prevent him from winning.

“The penalty has been negligible compared to his action. We were lucky that (Verstappen) didn’t have any injuries. There is a lot of championship left, but it was a very frustrating day. We hold the position (in the World Cup), but it seemed like a desperate move by Hamilton. You cannot enter Copse like that, when you go through the interior at 180 km / h “, it said Christian horner, Red Bull team boss, after the race. “He couldn’t complete overtaking in the first part of the lap and then he did something desperate. Copse is known to be one of the fastest corners in the world, that was dirty riding “, analyzed the British.

Harder it was Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s sports advisor and Verstappen’s top defender within the team. “You can’t do that with normal sports regulations. I don’t know what the maximum penalty would be, but such dangerous and reckless behavior should a race be suspended or something like that, “he told Sky Germany.

Jos Verstappen, Max’s father and ex-F1 driver, explained that his son was “a bit dizzy” and that they took him to the hospital for a control CAT scan. “He’s got a bit of pain in his shoulder and he’s pretty sad, of course,” he admitted.

“The celebrations were disrespectful”

From the hospital, Max Verstappen himself confirmed it was okay, but angered by what happened and by the attitude of Hamilton. “I’m glad to be well. Very disappointed to be eliminated like this. The penalty does not help us and does not do justice to the dangerous action Lewis took on the track. Watching the celebrations in the hospital is disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behavior, but we continue go ahead, “he wrote.

Verstappen remains the leader of the World Cup, with 185 points to 177 for Hamilton.

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