Did Díaz de Mera lie in the expulsion of Roberto Soldado?

The controversy did not end with the final whistle of Granada – Cádiz. Not much less. Roberto Soldado is one of the most active players in LaLiga when it comes to protests. It was always like that and it always will be, no matter how much it is reprimanded.

In a frenzied finale and with Sobrino’s goal sending the light, Granada saw the train to Europe get lost. The 89th minute came and Jorge Molina kissed the grass after falling into the area. Everyone went crazy, but the truth is that there was contact outside, the play continued and the veteran forward lost possession, opting then for a great pool. Soldier thought it was a penalty and, like other teammates, protested to the referee Díaz de Mera. That’s where the ruckus began.

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The protests cost him two yellows in a row in the same second and the subsequent red to the disbelief of the staff. The referee pointed out in the minutes, step by step, what he considered happened, although the video of the play seems to show that the second warning does not fit reality:

  • In the 89th minute the player (9) Soldado Rillo, Roberto was booked for the following reason: Make technical observations on one of my decisions.
  • In the 89th minute the player (9) Soldado Rillo, Roberto was booked for the following reason: For withdrawing one of my arms while I was admonishing him, as a sign of disagreement.

But it did not end there. After the suspicious expulsion, Soldier withdrew visibly angry to the changing rooms. The images showed how he hit the base of the monitor in which the referees visualize the actions of the VAR. Between one thing and another is the key that it can cost the forward to miss the rest of the season.

  • Other incidents: (Player: Roberto Soldado Rillo) Once sent off, when he was leaving the field of play, he went to my assistant number 1 in the following terms: “You guys are shit.”
  • Other incidents: (Player: Roberto Soldado Rillo) Once expelled and off the field of play when he was heading to the locker room, he kicked the VAR review monitor.

After publication of the minutes, which In case of being appealed, showing the LaLiga video should mean the withdrawal of the second yellow and consequent red, Soldier exploded and accused the referee of lying.

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