Derrick Rose stars in the Knicks comeback to tie the series against the Hawks

The base Derrick Rose claimed his status as the winner of a league Most Valuable Player (MVP) award and scored 26 points that put him at the forefront of the Los Angeles’ attack. New York Knicks, who beat the Atlanta Hawks in the second game of the Eastern Conference playoff tie, which is now tied (1-1) for best of seven.

Rose, who came out of reserve, played 39 minutes in which he scored 9 of 21 shots from the field, including 2 of 3 triples, and was perfect from the personnel line, in addition to capturing four rebounds and distributing four assists.

Figure of Rose was felt more than ever after the new franchise player of the Knicks, power forward Julius Randle, who had received the Most Improved Player of the season award the day before, could have the option of a very inconsistent start again by missing the first six shots he made to the basket at halftime.

The poor contribution of Randle made the Knicks they were up to 13 points down on the scoreboard.

But with Rose moving into the starting lineup to open the third quarter, Randle scored 11 points on 4 of 5 shots in the period in which the Knicks they took the lead.

Randle He finished the game with a double-double of 15 points and 12 rebounds, despite another bad night of shooting from the field, he finished it with 5 of 16, which was not much better than the 6 of 23 in the first game.

But yes Rose gave his best version, so did the forward Reggie bullock, who made four triples in the second half and also had 15 points, as the Knicks guaranteed that there will be at least one more game at Madison Square Garden, in a season full of unexpected success for the New York team.

The base Bring young scored 30 points as leader of the attack of the Hawks after being 32 and scoring the winning tiebreaker shot in the opener of the tie.

While Serbian escort Bogdan bogdanovic and the eaves De’Andre Hunter added 18 each, which in the end could not prevent the defeat of the Hawks, but they return to Atlanta with the field advantage in their favor.

Game 3 will be played Friday night in Atlanta, where the Hawks They will be able to be received by a sold-out crowd in the stands of their State Farm Arena field for the first time since before the coronavirus pandemic.

Rose made the basket and hit the Knicks the definitive advantage at 93-91 with 4:45 to play and became the card kept by the coach of the New York team, Tom thibodeau to surprise the Hawks and save the season.

While Young Y Bogdanovic they were always the players of the Hawks that kept them ahead on the scoreboard during the first half.

New York settled on Rose and the power forward Taj gibson in the second half and Randle He opened it with a triple for his first basket. The Canadian guard-forward Rj barrett Y Rose they made consecutive triples to cut it to 61-55.

Atlanta seemed to have recovered and held 12 points up on the scoreboard.

But later Randle helped fuel a 16-2 streak for the Knicks by resuming his greater aggressiveness in the offensive game after being passive in the first half and his jump shot after two consecutive triples of Bullock, put New York up on the scoreboard with a 74-72 run with 1:45 left in the period.

The rest of the way was all protagonism of Randle Y Rose that ensured the victory of the Knicks, despite the opposition they presented Young Y Bogdanovic.

Game 3 in Atlanta will be the first playoff game at State Farm Arena since its renovation in 2018. It hosted this season’s All-Star Game.

The Swiss pivot Clint Capela, Although he finished with 12 rebounds and five blocks, he was still not a winning factor in the Hawks, by scoring only four points.

The interim coach of the Hawks, Nate mcmillan, acknowledged at the end of the game, that his team lacks offensive consistency until the end and that they had lost a great opportunity to have gone with a 2-0 lead.

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