Denver police seize 16 guns in fear of shooting amid MLB All-Star Game

They confiscate weapons and detain four people for fear of a ...

LDenver police seized 16 firearms and detained four people after an anonymous call. Reports suggest that authorities were afraid that the suspects will carry out a shooting in the middle of the All-Star Game of the Major Leagues.

Reports from ABC 7 state that the police operation was carried out at a hotel near Coors Field. In addition to the 16 long weapons, they were found, 000 rounds of ammunition and bulletproof vests.

Similarly, the agents affirmed that the objects were in a room with a balcony; same that gave to the center of the city; place where different MLB activities are scheduled.

Although lThe authorities asked to be alert, the FBI issued a statement in which it assures that “It was not an attempt at terrorism.” They also said they ruled out a direct threat attempt at the All Star Game.

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