Davidovich beats Norrie again and will face Djokovic

That saying that second parts were never good will not apply to Alejandro Davidovich’s record against Cameron Norrie, since the Spanish defeated the British again, as he had done last year at the US Open, only this time in the second round of the Masters 1,000 in Rome: 6-2 and 6-3 in 1h: 18. With good tennis and plenty of legs, Davidovich qualified for the round of 16, a phase in which a beautiful match against Novak Djokovic awaits him. And if there is a time when the world’s number one is vulnerable, this is it. The Serbian cannot find his game and is very irascible, as he demonstrated in his debut against Taylor Fritz.

Alex dispatched a good match against a Norrie who is in the high peak of his career form and who had just been a finalist in Estoril. The man from Malaga took the duel to the physical realm, including a tumble although that is not news in him, and there it became difficult for Norrie to display his game. Very aggressive to the rest, Davidovich added three breaks in the first set and the second, more computerized, one was enough to get to 5-3, serve and close the victory.

Djokovic will meet for the first time as a rival the virtual number 45 in the world (his best position), who has nothing to lose and will not cut a hair on the ground, the clay, which is not giving him anything bad. It would be the most important victory of his career.

Results Masters 1.000 Rome.

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