David Ortiz is confident that the strike in the Major Leagues will end soon

David Ortiz talks about the lockout in the MLB.

ANDhe former Dominican player David Ortiz, recently chosen to enter the Cooperstown Hall of Fame, assured this Thursday that the players will be called in a few days to join their teams ahead of the Major League season.

“I know the next call will be: come play,” Ortiz said when speaking to the press during the opening ceremony of a pediatric hemodynamics room, donated by the player in a hospital in Santo Domingo.

“Be patient, they will come to an agreement”, Ortiz stated.

‘Big Papi’, who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame, in Cooperstown, New York, next July, He called on the players to be ready for when they are required by their teams to report to training, providing a reassuring message regarding the situation of employer strike, which the MLB is currently experiencing.

Both sides have been negotiating for the last four days, in search of an agreement that meets the standards for the interests they represent and thus not affect the start of the season Major League Baseball.

Despite the evident effort made in this negotiation process, the MLB has given a deadline of next Monday, February 28, as a deadline to reach an agreement without affecting the calendar of the 2022 campaign, indicating that matches that cannot be played will be deducted from each player’s salary.

For its part, Ortiz continues with his work in favor of children, contributing through the David Ortiz Children’s Fund, together with the first lady of the Dominican Republic, Raquel Arbaje, and through a banking institution, in the donation of this pediatric catheterization room, the first of its kind in the country.

“I am more than proud to continue contributing to the children and to my country,” commented ‘el Big Papi’, who was key to the execution of this room for the dialysis of infants, which had a cost of more than one million dollars.

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