Dave Roberts justifies the relief of Julio Urías and aims it to open Game 4

Lace Dave Roberts pitching decisions continue to generate controversy and more when Dodgers put down in the Championship Series. The most recent was in Game 2, when he decided to send Julio Urías in the eighth inning where he was punished by the Braves.

Roberts chose to send the Mexican, who did not warm up to face the Atlanta southpaw entourage, Eddie Rosiario, Freddie Freeman and Ozzie Albies which is ambidextrous and the result was catastrophic for the Angelenos.

Rosario hit a single, Freeman flied out, but would send Rosario to intermediate. Then Albies with a single to right field drove the Puerto Rican and finally Riley would have a double to get Albies home and tie the game.

“He hadn’t thrown a bullpen and he was the best option at the time. I was prepared for it. It was a perfect place for him, and it helped him get past that eighth to go to Kenley to finish the game. I think, if you’re talking about performance, experience, nothing against Justin (Bruihl), but when you have a choice between him and Julio, I think it’s pretty clear who he was going to choose “, said Dave Roberts justified the departure of the Mexican.

Dave Roberts also announced that he will occupy the Mexican as Game 4 opener didn’t have a lot of wear on his arm

“I mean, I think it certainly is a possibility. But I think that with Julio the expectation in which we use him in his early days is kind of 75, 80 pitches, so we feel like, by not having the bullpen, to be able to give us what he gives us a typical start, we just don’t think it’s compromised, no. “

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