Dance assistants: Brooks could end in Lakers and Pierce in Indiana

After the earthquake of the benches, NBA teams have to complete their technical staff as soon as possible to start preparing for the next season. Los Angeles Lakers and Indiana Pacers they are two of the teams that have moved in the last hours.

The output of Rick
Carlisle Dallas has caused changes in both franchises. The first, because the Lakers have run out of one of their assistants, Jason
Kidd, who will take over from Carlisle on the Mavericks.

The second, because Carlisle himself has already found work. He will take over the Pacers and will need a technical staff. In Indiana it seems that it could land Llo

Pierce, who started the year as the Hawks’ head coach, until he was relieved by McMillan.

In Los Angeles the situation is different. They keep Vogel but they need a quality assistant. It seems that man could be Scott
Brooks to whom Washington
Wizards fired a little over a month ago.

Be that as it may, the franchises are already organizing for a very busy and shorter summer than usual. Work piles up and everyone wants get your homework done before it’s too late.

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