Chris Paul: “We control our own destiny”

The Phoenix Suns and Chris Paul reach the sixth game of the 2021 NBA Finals with the obligation to win if they want to stay alive in the title race. Asked the day before about this situation and his mentality before it, the veteran base was enthusiastic:

“We have the opportunity to determine the result. The match will not be simulated or will be played by someone else. We have this opportunity, we control our own destiny, and that is exciting ”.

CP3 reflected on the mistakes to be corrected by your team, and put the focus on losses and foolish fouls. “Every time we make a mistake or fail in one of our tasks, they score a basket. We have to limit the amount of mistakes, knowing that nobody plays a perfect match “, valued the base.

The Phoenix conductor once again insisted on the choral component of basketball, weary from questions about individualities and controversies over his own game or that of his partner Devin Booker. “This is not tennis or golf, this is a team sport”, he reiterated in a phrase that he has repeated in more than one press conference in these playoffs.

Another key, according to Paul, is the rhythm of the game, the aggressiveness to penetrate inside the paint and the possibility of opening the game and throwing more times than three: “We have to figure out how to generate more triples, if it is to penetrate more. It’s how we’ve played all season, looking for those holes, so we will try that in the sixth game. “

Monty Williams, Asked about the difference between the experiences of the Suns and the Bucks in the playoffs, he assured that does not see “lack of experience” as a whole. “I wouldn’t call it that. Sometimes we have failed because they are things that happen in a match, but I would not put another label on it ”.

The Phoenix coach tried to draw positives from the last loss and the comeback attempt that was almost successful in the last quarter of the fifth game: “I saw a lot of resistance and an attitude of not giving up in the worst moments. To have been able to cut back to a point, that stood out for me and It gives us confidence for the sixth ”.

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