Chilling accident in the Indycar: a car travels several meters upside down

Chilling accident at the Indycar.

Chilling accident at the Indycar.
Chilling accident at the Indycar.

The scene took place in the Texas Motor Speedway during a race belonging to the season of the Indycar, when several cars were involved in a multiple accident that forced to raise the yellow flag and caused moments of tension and uncertainty when one of the vehicles traveled several meters upside down.

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The accident occurred when Pietro Fittipaldi hit from behind Sebastien bourdais, which in turn collided with Alexander rossi. This succession of blows caused an even more complicated situation that harmed Dalton kellett Y Ed jones, leaving up to six vehicles out of the race, including that of a Conor Daly who turned around.

The worst stopped of all was precisely Daly, who hit the barrier and slid face down until he reached the grass escape, where he already returned to his normal position. “In general, in IndyCar I think we have too many crashes in the starts and I think we should probably analyze it“declared a Daly who got away unscathed on NBC SN.” There is an accordion effect. Honestly everything seemed fine, everyone was accelerating, I had the best view because it was the last one, but it only takes one person to crash, “continued the pilot.”All I know is that being upside down isn’t fun, it hasn’t happened to me in IndyCar before, but it adds to the terrible things that have happened to us so far this year. I don’t know what will follow“.

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