Carlos Sainz, a leader of the new generation: he has been on three of the four youngest podiums in history

Carlos Sainz, Max Verstappen and Lando Norris, on the podium of the Monaco GP

Carlos Sainz, Max Verstappen and Lando Norris, on the podium of the Monaco GP
Sainz, Verstappen and Norris, on the podium of the Monaco GP
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Carlos Sainz won the third podium of his F1 racing career in Monaco, after those achieved in Brazil 2019 and in Italy 2020. This one had a special flavor, not only for achieving it in the most legendary circuit of the championship, but because it was the first with Ferrari.

Carlos Sainz, with the Monaco GP trophy

Carlos Sainz gets a doctor with his first podium at Ferrari in a Monaco GP won by Max Verstappen

The Madrid native was accompanied by two drivers of his generation, both former teammates whom he knows well. With Max verstappen shared the beginnings in Toro Rosso while with Lando norris spent two years in Mclaren in which both struck up a great friendship. Proof of this was the good vibes during the interviews with the ex-pilot David coulthard, interrupting each other laughing.

This podium was also the confirmation that the new generation in Formula 1 will be formed by them, together with the Pierre Gasly, Esteban Ocon, Lance Stroll and some more. Pilots born in the throes of the 20th and early 21st centuries, who grew up under legends such as Michael Schumacher or own Fernando Alonso, who has to see how the ‘beardless’ leave him out of the points.

Sainz, among them, stands out. At 26 he was the veteran of this box in Monaco, and even so he continues to break precociousness figures: he has been in three of the four youngest podiums of history. She stayed just two days from exceeding the 2008 Italian GP average, that of Vettel’s first victory.

If Verstappen and Norris continue to show the good competitiveness they have shown at this start to the season, and Mercedes fail again (He has not shared a podium or with Hamilton nor with Bottas) Sainz will be there to try to scratch some more podium.

The first victory still resists him, although it is becoming increasingly clear that sooner or later it will come. He won’t beat any precocity record there, but he won’t miss it either.

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