Carla Suárez supports the fight against breast cancer

Carla Suárez supports the fight against breast cancer

Ausonia, a P&G brand, rejoins the Spanish Association Against Cancer to finance research projects against breast cancer. Thanks to the efforts of many people, Ausonia has allocated more than two million euros.

Ausonia continues to communicate the importance of leading a healthy life, always accompanied by a balanced diet and physical exercise, since healthy habits reduce the risk of suffering from this disease. In addition, Ausonia does not want any woman to forget to do her annual gynecological examinations, since these are essential to be able to detect the disease in time.

“Healthy lifestyle habits reduce the risk of breast cancer. Therefore, I encourage you to eat a balanced diet and exercise daily. Incorporating these routines into our daily “chores” will help us prevent in the future. Do not forget to do your gynecological check-ups every year, it is essential to prevent the disease. “Tennis player Carla Suárez tells us who has not hesitated to collaborate with this campaign and help in whatever way he can, since he has gone through the disease process and knows that all the aid is few.

Ana Locking has collaborated in the already emblematic photo of Ausonia, designing a watch that highlights the importance of adding minutes and being able to gradually win the battle against this disease.

Isabel Jiménez, Ana Locking, Carla Suárez and Marta Sánchez.


Isabel Jiménez, Ana Locking, Carla Suárez and Marta Sánchez.

“Ausonia has asked me to collaborate in this admirable campaign by creating a design that illustrates the concept #VoluntariosdeMinutos. That is why I have designed a watch, which in addition to expressing the importance of adding minutes, in it there is an intention in the fact that it metaphorically represents a breast. Women who have had breast cancer or who are going through this process right now and have to heal, their breasts when being operated are evolving into other new forms. This watch has another circle inside that breaks the perfect symmetry, and this is a way of reflecting our reality. I also wanted to reflect that unity is strength and that we must be united in this cause, the faces of the different women that appear on the clock represent this endeavor. This watch pays tribute to all these women who are going through such difficult times. I am very excited to be able to contribute my creativity. The fact of being able to transmit with my designs, a little hope and support to all the women who are going through this, encourages me and helps me “.

Research is key to achieving treatments that improve and increase the life expectancy of women. That’s why Ausonia continues to support research year after year in its iconic 1 pack = 1 minute campaign.

Marta Sánchez wanted to emphasize once again the importance of research. “I have been collaborating with Ausonia and the AECC for 14 years in the fight against breast cancer. In all this time, I have learned that supporting research is key to achieving more effective treatments that improve and increase the life expectancy of women. We already have more than two million euros allocated to research projects and little by little we are making progress in the fight against this disease thanks to the discoveries of Dr. Arribas, his team and other researchers. So don’t forget that your contribution is very valuable. “

A video to raise awareness

One minute can change many things, many realities. Therefore, Ausonia encourages women to be #Volunteers of Minutes, asking them to share a video on the importance of supporting research. This video will be on the Ausonia social networks from October. For each video shared, Ausonia will fund one minute of research. This is the great novelty of this year, since it will not only add minutes for each package of compresses sold, but for each shared video.

“We want to make all women aware of the importance of supporting the fight against breast cancer. For this, Ausonia has created a collaborative video called #Volunteers of Minutes and by sharing it, Ausonia will add minutes to the investigation. With this small gesture of sharing the video, we contribute our grain of sand and join many other women in this cause, because together we are stronger. little hope to women in the process.

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