Cañizares returns to the charge after a new controversy related to Valencia CF

Santi Cañizares has returned to the charge on social networks after being involved in a new controversy related to Valencia CF. The former goalkeeper has always been critical of Meriton’s management and took advantage of an interview in Game Time to ask Bordalás, the team’s new coach, basically if he was aware of the situation that his predecessor, Javi Gracia, had to experience.

Javi Gracia already wanted to leave the team in September due to the null planning in terms of transfers and when he finally left the club, in the final stretch of the league, he said that the optimal conditions were never met. That is what Cañizares asked Bordalás and that is what cost him some criticism, since the Alicante coach has always said that he does not want to talk about the situation of the previous coach.

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As well, Cañizares has given his opinion about what happened on the air, where Juanma Castaño asked him to ‘relax the tone’ to avoid a tense situation with the interviewee. “Maybe one day I stopped working in the media and I eluded my responsibility to talk about the terrible management of Valencia CF … Or maybe Meriton changes management, professionalizes at least the sports as he did with Mateu Alemany, or maybe Valencia CF changes of owners and there is a new analysis, “Cañizares began. This is his total reflection, in which he concludes by saying that his opinion is his and whether he is wrong or right, it must be respected.

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