Brutal accident of Max Verstappen after an epic fight with Lewis Hamilton at the start of the British GP

Verstappen crash

Verstappen crash
Verstappen crash

The participation of Max verstappen in the race of British GP ended at the end of the first round, in which he starred in a very intense fight with Lewis hamilton.

Fernando Alonso, at the British GP

This is how we tell live the Grand Prix of Great Britain of Formula 1

The Dutch Red Bull driver it crashed against the protections of the curve Copse, after going wheel-to-wheel with Hamilton on practically the entire circuit. The over-optimism of both Hamilton, who opened slightly, and Verstappen, who thought that the British was going to cower, explains the very strong blow.

Both, in any case, had entered very late in that line

The red flag was raised immediately to be able to get the Red Bull out of there, while a new start was organized. To Verstappen, who was somewhat knocked out but conscious, He was taken by ambulance to the race medical center. Meanwhile, the English fans who saw the accident live, celebrated it as a victory.

The great beneficiary of the action was Charles Leclerc, who had overtaken at the start Valtteri Bottas, and with the touch between Hamilton and Verstappen he put first before the highlight.

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