Braves win Fall Classic despite negative pre-All-Star record

Atlanta Braves did the homework against Houston that at times seemed to revive. The now champions gave him end to the drought of almost a quarter of a century to add his fourth championship of history.

The Astros couldn’t do anything to try to turn it around to a series that left them since the Fall Classic began, so that the Braves crowned 7 races to teach throughout the postseason.

The records do not end there, as Atlanta once again experienced a triumph for a professional team of any sport, at least the most popular in the American Union. All thanks to the game their hitters had.

But it was not an easy task to get here, because the Braves were 44-45 negative prior to the All-Star Game. But it wasn’t enough to stop them, because Atlanta once again raised the Big Top trophy to become the second team alongside the 1964 Cardinals who were champions despite having a negative record.

Yes OK the Braves weren’t the best in the regular season, posting 88 wins with 73 losses, they did show that what matters is how they are shared in the final phase. Neither the Brewers, the Dodgers, nor the Astros were able to express their supposed favoritism against an institution that grew in trust match by match.

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