Bilbao Basket starts the final sprint for salvation very diminished

The RETAbet Bilbao Basket starts this Wednesday in Miribilla (6.30 pm) before the Herbalife Gran Canaria the agonizing final sprint of five games in just twelve days in which the permanence in the Endesa League severely physically impaired after being quarantined by an outbreak of covid-19 in the Bilbao changing room.

The template of Alex Mumbrú returned to work on Saturday without the positives Ondrej Balvin, Regimantas Miniotas Y Arnoldas Kulboka to carry out the first work sessions almost exclusively for physical conditioning after 10 days confined to their homes.

The coach revealed at the press conference prior to the crash on Wednesday that Balvin It is “the one who is having the worst” due to the coronavirus and who has not even been able to get close to Miribilla yet. Miniots Y KulbokaFor their part, they will be doubtful until the last minute, waiting for how they assimilate this Tuesday’s session.

Also unknown Mumbrú if you can count in front of the Gran canaria with the Italian pivot Leonardo Tote, which arrived in Bilbao today after its transfer was formalized yesterday by the Fortitudo Bologna for this final stretch of the season, waiting to receive the necessary permission from the ACB to join the bubble.

“He has just arrived and we will play tomorrow. It will be difficult. If any of those who have passed the covid cannot be, they could enter, although I do not know if they could give us a cable,” said the Catalan who defined Toté as a player “in projection, who rebounds well, has a good hand” and who also hopes that at 23 years of age he will contribute “energy”.

Faced with this very delicate situation, Mumbrú advocates “facing things as they come” and focusing on the aspects that can “control” because the goal of salvation “is complicated, but not impossible” since the Bilbao Basket he’s up to himself and would secure that goal by winning four of his five games.

It would even be worth it with three wins -before Gran canaria, Fuenlabrada, Burgos, Real Madrid or Joventut– if he Students, which surpasses him in two victories plus the particular ‘average’, loses the only game that remains to be played, against the San Pablo Burgos.

“We have to fight it, but we need the physical to accompany us. Playing five games in twelve days after leaving the covid makes it a little more complicated. We have already seen it in other teams, but it is what we have to live and we do not have to think well beyond tomorrow’s game, “he reflected.

About your rival, Mumbrú stressed that the Gran canaria will arrive at Miribilla “playing the playoff” and that they are “going to try to win without regard.” “It is a good team, quite complete, which started hesitantly but little by little they have taken on the philosophy of Porfi and they are fighting for the playoffs, “he concluded.

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