Becker warns Djokovic of his other great rival at Wimbledon

Novak Djokovic talks to Borris Becker after the 2016 Roland Garros final.

Boris Becker has taken advantage of his latest column in the Daily Mail to warn Novak Djokovic not to trust his path to the title at Wimbledon, where the Serbian could equal Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal’s record of 20 Grand Slam if he is proclaimed champion.

Becker believes that, in addition to the various rivals the Serbian will face on the slopes, he will also have another more important one: the pressure of history. “Some of the players left in the draw are being underestimated and Novak Djokovic has an opponent that he should not rule out: history. The closeness that he can reach the final and achieve his 20th Grand Slam title will put more pressure on him and he will be constantly reminded of that. “

The German, who worked as Djokovic’s coach, admitted that the Serb is not a machine and believes that fate in the men’s box is not yet written. “I know Novak well and have worked with him and, although he is an incredible athlete and a born competitor, he is not a machine. He feels it, so I do not think that the fate of the men’s team has a foregone conclusion.. Djokovic is not seeing the title as a certainty or that it is done, I can assure you, and nobody should do it either “

Finally Becker affirms that, in addition to focusing on the return of tennis legends such as Roger Federer or Andy Murray, we must not lose sight of the young people, the future Grand Slam winners. “We care so much about legends like Roger Federer or Andy Murray that sometimes we don’t realize that there are other guys who will be Grand Slam champions in the coming years.”

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