Baskonia will have news of the future of Henry and Polonara next week

TD Systems Baskonia Sporting Director, Felix
FernandezHe hopes to hear about the future of the American Pierrià Henry and from the Italian Achille Polonara next week to begin sketching the template for Dusko Ivanovic leading the team next season.

The Barça spokesman indicated at a press conference that “rumors will always come out about good players”, referring to various information that have placed the American point guard and the Italian power forward away from Fernando Buesa

“We have wanted them to continue for months and we have made it known to both them and their agents, but this is a market law,” he said. Fernandez who said that Henry He has already traveled to Senegal to collect his passport that will allow him to occupy a community player position from next year

Fernandez made a brief review of the situation of the squad, although in broad strokes he said that they will have to “analyze the situation” in several cases, such as the four inside players.

Tonye Jekiri, Alec Peters, Ilimane Diop and Youssoupha Fall They already have a contract in force “although some of them have clauses with options that can be executed” to break the relationship, he said without disclosing names.

Giedraitis has two more years of contract, but Felix
Fernandez clarified that it has exit clauses to sign for franchises NBA. “If he pays that clause he can leave, but he is happy in Vitoria and I think he will become a better player here,” he said.

Another outstanding case is of Jurij
Macura, player on loan in the FMP from Belgrade who has completed a great campaign. The Slovenian center will train in the next few days in Vitoria and the club, which has an option to continue in its discipline, will make a decision for the future.

The Barcelona spokesman wished that things improve next season thanks to the entrance of the public, while emphasizing that the economic management has been good in such a difficult time.

On the other hand, he ruled out that next year there will be changes regarding the structures of the League’s squads. ACB, which are considering having five training players and three non-EU players, which will maintain the same type of groups as to date with a maximum of two players with a non-EU place and a minimum of four training players.

Regarding the season just concluded, he explained that they planned to count on the public, but this has not been the case, which has been “a problem not only economic but also emotional.”

“We have made a Euroleague very good but we lacked strength in the final stretch of the league, motivated by the 23 days that we were inactive due to the covid, where we lost that possibility of the track factor ”, he stressed.

Fernandez He also gave his opinion on the last foul that the referees did not indicate in the first quarter-final match against Valencia
Basket. “This is basketball and mistakes penalize you, but it is a serious mistake and ACB it will make its reports on that action and several previous actions that are also recognized ”, he pointed out, although he insisted on looking to the future, because“ it does not make much sense to think about that now ”.

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