Barça visit MoraBanc with their mind set on the playoff with Zenit

The Barça visit this noon (12.30 pm) the field of the MoraBanc Andorra to play a match that the two teams would prefer to play at another time. After 1-1 of his Euroleague playoff against him Zenith, the Barça team has its mind set on the double European duel that it will fight next week in Saint Petersburg, while the MoraBanc He faces the game with half of his squad out of the game due to different physical problems.

It is almost impossible for the team of Sarunas Jasikevicius managed to abstract this noon from the series that is contesting against him Zenith, in which the Russian team is pushing him to the limit. Barça’s field advantage was already blown up in the first game (74-76) and only a miraculous appearance of TO
dam Hanga in the extra time of the meeting on Friday (81-78) he saved Barça from having to travel to Russia with a 0-2 against. Winning at least one match in Saint Petersburg is now an obligation and the only thing that focuses the concern of the whole of Saras once the Real Madrid has clearly escaped in the fight for the first final position of the regular phase of the Endesa League.

Hopefully Jasikevicius dose the most used players and bet on Andorra to give greater prominence to Pau Gasol, who did not leave the bench on Friday, or to one of those discarded in the last game (Westermann, Pustovyi Y Sergi Martinez). The shock should also serve to Nikola Mirotic Y Nick calathes, unknown in the series against Zenit, recover the good feelings before the important games that lie ahead for the team.

Barça prepares its match against Mora Banc Andorra

The Barça (27-4), in addition, the final stretch of the Endesa League can be taken a bit more calmly thanks to yesterday’s defeat of Lenovo Tenerife
and in Badalona before the Joventut (90-85). With one game less, the Catalans (27-4) maintain the two victories ahead of the Canaries (25-7), the only candidate to unseat him from second place. That difference is a good cushion in the absence of the final four days, the last with a duel between the two teams in the Santiago Martín pavilion.

The tribulations of BarçaStill, they must seem like a trifle to Ibon Navarro, who faces the game with the loss of six players due to injury (Moussa Diagné, Malik tell me, Tomasz Gielo, Haukur Palsson, Tyson Perez Y Nacho Llovet) and another, not identified by the club, which has just tested positive for coronavirus. What’s more, Clevin hannah, David Jelínek Y Saulius Kulvietis They face the shock without rhythm of the game after having overcome the disease.

Given this situation, the Andorran team coach points out that “right now the Barça it is not the greatest of our problems. The MoraBanc of origin can give problems to the Barcelona, ​​but the one of now, no ”. The only good news is the return of Guille Colom after overcoming a sprained ankle.

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